Wellness Wednesday

We believe that doggos are more than just pets. They are family members who deserve long, happy and healthy lives. To support this cause we invest in research and education. Wellness Wednesday is where we share what we find with you, your doggo's best friend. Come back often as we are constantly adding and updating the information you find on this page.
This guide is packed full of great little tips, tricks and things to watch out for that will make a BIG difference in your doggo’s long-term hip and joint health.
Ditch The Itch

Ditch The Itch - 7 Allergy Relieving Tips For Your Doggo

Pet allergies are tough, and nothing is worse than seeing your fur baby uncomfortable. Your pet’s ability to combat allergies starts with a healthy, balanced, and strong body. 

What Anxiety Really Does To Your Doggo And How You Can Help

Sometimes mistaken for simple nervousness, anxiety in our pets has serious implications that can and should be addressed. Left unchecked, a genuine anxiety disorder...


7 Super Simple Ways To Keep Your Doggo Healthy, Happy and Active

Download this guide now to learn simple and easy things you can do to keep your doggo happy, healthy and active. Packed full of great tips and tricks...

6 Quick & Easy Ways To Improve Your Doggo'as Gut Health

It is extremely important to ensure your dog’s digestive health is in its best shape at all times. This is because the gut is the gateway through which the body gets nourished.